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A true masterpiece reflecting the essence of Beau Plan!


Are you up for an immersive experience that reveals the natural beauty of Beau Plan in a series of vivid paintings?

The creative park of Beau Plan is hosting an exhibition featuring the artworks of Joshila Dhaby until 24 February 2024. This talented Mauritian artist has captured the essence of Beau Plan's beauty. Entitled "Les Gardiens de Beau Plan : Un Voyage à travers le Temps et la Nature ", her exhibition highlights the symbolism of the region's natural beauty and pays tribute to its rich heritage.

Aparte Joshila Beau Plan

Locals and visitors alike appreciate the extraordinary charm that lies at the heart of Beau Plan. With nature all around for the ultimate restful setting, this magical place artfully blends relics of the past with modern advances. The gardens have witnessed so much history, the lake sparkles under the stars, and the hundred-year-old mahogany tree sits majestically at the heart of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, exuding a breathtaking atmosphere.

The exhibition “Les Gardiens de Beau Plan ” sheds light on this very beauty, and invites the public to embrace the magnificence and richness of this remarkable environment. Each painting tells a personal and compassionate story, a tale told by the guardians of Beau Plan, these bastions of the region's traditional identity.

Aparte Joshila Beau Plan (1)

Under the sponsorship of Terra, Investec, Grays, Attitude and L'aventure du Sucre, this exhibition stands apart as more than just an artistic showcase. 

“This exhibition reflects our ongoing commitment to promote and encourage all local artists. We are thrilled to welcome back Joshila and her remarkable work. We are convinced that, like us, the public will appreciate her incredible talent, says Emeric Vigier de Latour, Communications Manager at Terra.

In supporting events like this, Beau Plan Creative Park creates an opportunity for local artists to share their talent. “Les Gardiens de Beau Plan ” exhibition is a testament of the importance of preserving the connection we have with nature and our cultural heritage.