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Taking care of yourself, while taking care of the planet


MyBlend, renowned for its innovative approach to wellness and sustainability, has partnered with the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita.

While the spa is celebrated for its signature therapies that highlight natural ingredients such as lemongrass, coconut, and aloe vera, this partnership shall enhance the guest experience

Aparte Inside Myblend 1

Eco-luxury at its core

Innovation lies at the heart of the spa. At the core of this exclusive partnership, there is a shared vision: one of an exclusive lifestyle that aligns with environmental respect and holistic well-being.

"The selection of MyBlend beauty products includes premium nutricosmetics and dermocosmetics from skincare specialist Dr. Olivier Courtin," explains Joelle Jennepy, the spa's senior director.

These products reflect a new era of cosmetics, where every gesture, every ingredient is chosen carefully for its benefits to the skin and its minimal impact on our precious planet. With pure formulas, recyclable packaging, and a strict exclusion of controversial ingredients, MyBlend positions itself at the forefront of responsible beauty.

Aparte Inside Myblend 2

"In bringing an intervention experience to skincare, each MyBlend session incorporates specific techniques and products to relieve tension and oxygenate tissues," Joelle adds.

A holistic approach to beauty

It's not just the skin that benefits from MyBlend's offerings; it's the entire being. With dietary supplements that nourish from within and highly concentrated skincare products, MyBlend offers a three-dimensional approach to beauty. By blending cosmetic agents with LED masks and dietary supplements, this brand not only provides a comprehensive healing program but also guarantees efficacy and sustainable care.

Committed for a noble cause

Choosing MyBlend also means supporting a noble cause. Each MyBlend treatment contributes to 'La Maison des Femmes,' a commendable initiative that aids women who are victims of violence. It's an engagement that goes beyond personal care to community solidarity.

In addition to its social responsibility, the brand has already revised its product range. Seventeen ingredients have been excluded, including volatile silicones, MIT, BHA, and 8HT, as well as mineral and petrochemical oils and sulphated surfactants, because they either have a negative impact on the environment or are potentially controversial for the skin.