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Developed by ENL in the smart city of Moka, Vivéa Business Park is THE place to set up shop if you want to ensure a thriving environment for your business. Whether you are looking for a conducive collaborative workspace, a private executive suite or any other specific space, just name it and Vivéa Business Park will offer the ideal area that will perfectly suit your business vision in the sought-after prime location in the very heart of the island.

Aparte Inside Vivea 1

The park is built on the vestiges of a former sugar factory, while highlighting the remnants of the past along with the ancient trees. It is the result of a successful transformation with the vision of creating a business centre against the backdrop of a practical and inspiring setting. Building on its success and as part of the overall development of Moka Smart City, this promising project has now doubled in size. 

Vivéa Business Park is located in one of the island's most advanced smart cities, with a strategic location in the heart of the island, in an environment that promotes employee well-being and efficient connectivity to foster entrepreneurship and development.

Smart initiatives

When it comes to connectivity, the business centre has a state-of-the-art network that guarantees internet services from several providers with submarine cables offering fastest experiences with 5G access for residential units and commercial buildings.

The centre also includes smart electricity and water metres that allow owners and tenants to monitor and compare their consumption, as well as smart sensors to analyse and exchange information on air quality and car park availability.

The layout of the project has been designed to encourage social interaction and conviviality, by improving connectivity, accessibility and public spaces. Dedicated pedestrian lanes, large green areas and creative and artistic meeting spaces will be created for the well-being of users.