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The rise to success of Amalen Vyapooree


From his modest beginnings as an eager student at a hotel school to his recent promotion to Executive Assistant Manager at Long Beach Hotel, Amalen has carved an inspiring path.

A journey fuelled by ambition

Since his early days at Royal Palm in 2002, Amalen's culinary gift was apparent. Under the stewardship of Michel de Matteis, Amalen grasped the profession's nuances before setting off for international journeys that would carve his future. 

His time in Qatar signalled a decisive turn. Collaborating with the renowned Gordon Ramsay, Amalen rapidly distinguished himself, climbing the ladder to become deputy chef in one of St Regis Doha's most sought-after restaurants. His commitment and outstanding performance led to the 2015 award for the best restaurant in the Middle East, a true springboard for his career.

Maintaining his forward momentum, Amalen transitioned into the consulting sector, imparting his knowledge to a Japanese group in Dubai and advising on F&B operations at Yu Lounge in Plaisance. His homecoming to Mauritius in 2017, assuming culinary leadership at La Pirogue followed by Long Beach, was warmly received. In every role, he transformed the culinary experience, affirming that innovation and tradition can exist in unison.

An innovative leader

Amalen's proficiency in the kitchen is matched by his enthusiasm for management, as his recent MBA in "Luxury Management & Marketing" from ESG Paris attests. This program has allowed him to extend his reach and undertake more significant duties at Sunlife. His advancement to Executive Assistant Manager proves that his industriousness and strategic insight are respected and valued.

"I am delighted to step into the role of Executive Assistant Manager at Long Beach. I am eager to take on this new challenge and continue to promote Long Beach internationally, one of the flagships of the Sunlife group," highlights Amalen Vyapooree. An exciting journey that awaits…