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A hybrid banking offer, geared towards investors


Because expatriates are often confronted with different banking needs than a traditional private client, Bank One has created a dedicated offering for its international and expatriate clients. Ketty Bhagawn, Team Leader-Private Banking Desk, elaborates

 How does Bank One’s private banking service meet the needs of expatriates?

Nowadays, all of our clients, including expatriates, are seeking a personalised service. And we have a dedicated team to meet this demand! For instance, when a client is looking for support in their expatriation process, they often expect the bank to act as a facilitator in the transition to their new life. 

Additionally, through our international multi-currency securities platform, clients can easily access all global markets. It offers great flexibility, not to mention the possibility of pledging the securities portfolio and obtaining a credit line in USD, EUR and MUR.

Expatriate clients benefit from multicurrency mortgage facilities as well, which can be used to pledge up to 90% of their property. 

Lastly, with our credit desk, we can quickly handle requests for financing through various structures such as companies or trusts.

Is Mauritius still an attractive investment choice for foreigners?

Les récentes décisions de l’UE ont obligé Maurice à poursuivre ses efforts de transparence. Le pays a été retiré de la liste grise, démontrant une évolution positive de la législation du pays. Maurice demeure un centre financier international fiable et privilégié, et est désormais considéré comme une juridiction attractive. Il va sans dire que le secteur bancaire mauricien adhère aux normes internationales et retrouve sa place de centre financier de choix. Je pense que cela a redonné confiance aux investisseurs. Nous avons constaté une reprise des affaires, notamment dans le secteur financier, ainsi qu’un rebond de la demande dans le secteur immobilier. 

Any other investor-friendly projects in the pipeline?

A digitally driven transformation. It’s more than a project: it’s an ongoing process. Today, for example, thanks to our online platform, our customers can see their entire portfolio. Our customer-centric strategy is constantly evolving to match customer expectations.

We are continually investing in digital technology to improve the performance of our systems. More and more, our customers are looking for a hybrid approach; on the one hand, so as not to give up the human touch, and on the other, to enjoy a premium digital experience.