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Blossoming of life


"Each tree symbolises life, optimism and confidence for the future for our children and our planet." 

This statement, expressed with conviction by Hélène Echevin, CEO of C-Care Group, is a strong expression of the company's intentions. An innovative initiative, “One Life, One Tree”, was born beneath the slopes of La Citadelle’s mountain.

Aparte C Care Plant 1
Hélène Echevin, CEO of C-Care, surrounded by her team and Jayanesh Namah, Project Coordinator at Friends of the Environment, Citadelle Revegetation Project.

C-Care is working alongside the NGO Friends of the Environment in an initiative that is as noble as it is crucial for the future of our planet. For each new baby born in C-Care establishments, a tree will be planted as a symbol of life and renewal.  

The aim of “one life, one tree” is to make young parents aware of the vital importance of preserving our ecosystem for future generations. This initiative is being extended worldwide, particularly in Uganda, where C-Care aims to plant 2,000 trees a year, in addition to the 1,000 trees to be planted in Mauritius.  

“We are delighted to be working with C-Care. It gives us the opportunity to extend the scope and impact of our reforestation efforts at La Citadelle, which started in 2015”, says Jah Namah, Project Coordinator for Friends of the Environment.  

This project is part of La Citadelle reforestation programme run by Friends of the Environment. This ambitious project is designed to restore green life to La Citadelle's deteriorating landscapes by planting indigenous species, thus contributing to reestablishing the region's ecological balance.  

Together, C-Care and Friends of the Environment are paving a new way towards a greener, more sustainable future for Mauritius. Each newborn child thus becomes a living symbol of hope and commitment to our planet, one tree at a time.